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Classic Rock... with a little Bach!

Classical Blast blurs musical lines, melding well known classical music into classic rock hits or rocking music by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and composers from other centuries, sometimes adding original lyrics or introducing symphonic elements into their own music. From Bach to classic rock to metal and beyond, we hope you’ll find our approach to music a refreshing change. It’s the past, present & future brought together in perfect harmony! While the band is best known for their classical-rock mashups, they perform 3 distinctly unique shows throughout the year, combining a broad spectrum of music — from classical to world to Christmas —

with rock music to create exciting themed concerts.

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Happy Spring! What an AMAZING Celtic Season we had with our “Classical Blast in Kilts” show this year, including a live performance on WGN’s “Daytime Chicago,” performances at TWO Blackhawks games and multiple sold out concert shows. If you missed it, check out the photos below, or our live appearance on WGN-TV above. We’ll perform the show again later this summer for a few very special Celtic Festivals. 

Headin’ West! We’re off on a grand adventure with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, who has invited us to perform for the school children and community of Casper. This is our first “Fly-Trip” as a band and we’re so excited! We’ll be performing at 6 elementary schools, as part of the Orchestra’s “Music on the Move” outreach program. We’ll also be speaking to a few high school music classes about life as professional musicians, and a community performance so parents and others can hear us too. We’ll share the adventure on social media.


We'll jump right into shows in the Chicagoland area as soon as we return, so check our list of Upcoming Shows to find one near you! Tickets for many of them are on sale or will be very soon.




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1.  Set of WGN's Daytime Chicago, with hosts, Amy & Francesca

2.  Stephanie did an interview on the Daytime Chicago set

3.  Classical Blast performed in the Atrium and in the United Center Arena for 2 Blackhawk games over St. Patrick's weekend

4.  Dave gets to know Blackhawks' mascot, Tommy, before the game

5.  Standing ovation at the end of our sold out Hey Nonny show

6.  Our St Patrick's Day Brunch at Fitzgerald's was a sellout too!

7.  St Patrick's celebration at Ballydoyle in Downer's Grove



Classical Blast's Christmas album won’t fail to impress.
In fact, it just might be the most unique holiday album ever!”

 — WGN-TV Morning News

Life on Fire album cover

Life on Fire: $15

plus $1 shipping & handling

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Life on Fire Track list:

1. Uprising / Toccata & Fugue

2. Resistor

3. Zombie / Lacrimosa

4. Let’s Pretend

5. Like a Stone / Adagio

6. Eleanor Rigby / Symphony No 25

7. Give Me Love

8. Through Glass / Little Fugue

9. Anything Good

10. What You See is What You Get

11. Wicked Game Tango

12. You’re Gonna Hear the Music

Sorry, U.S. sales only of CDs.

Digital downloads are available in most countries via Amazon, AppleMusic and other outlets.

Metamorphosis album cover

Metamorphosis: $15

plus $1 shipping & handling

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Metamorphosis Track List:

1.  Immigrant Song/ Hall of the 

     Mountain King

2.  In the Air Tonight/ Sarabande

3.  Metamorphosis

4.  Wrapped Around Your Finger/             Pavane

5.  Crazy Train/ Canon in D

6.  Creep/ Cello Suite No. 1/

     Ave Maria

7.  Mr. Brightside/ Ode to Joy

8.  Nature’s Way

9.  Us & Them/ Clair de Lune

10. Celtic Crossover

     (Swallowtail - Tam Lin)

11. Layla

12. Beautiful

Bonus Track:

Nights in White Satin/ Greensleeves

Dark Side of the Yule album cover

Dark Side of the Yule: $15

plus $1 shipping & handling

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Dark Side of the Yule Track list:

1. Coventry Carol/ Great Gig in the Sky

2. Silent Night/ Sound of Silence

3. Twinkle

4. Fairytale

5. Imagine

6. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy/

    Enter Sandman

7. Carol of the Bells/ Game of Thrones

8. River

9. Pray for Me

10. Gabriel’s Message

11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

12. Amazing Grace/ Hallelujah

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Toucan Cove Records, Seattle, WA

Save on all 3: Total cost $35

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Buy all 3 Classical Blast CDs and save!

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